Continue to produce high-grade and excellent quality porcelain has always been my desire and dream of Lenox since inception, and now we will maintain this high quality and continue to pursue even more remarkable in the original basis. – Walter Scott Lenox

  Since 1889, Walter Scott Lenox Lenox foresight has led in terms of quality, arts and aesthetics to achieve a higher standard. Today’s Lenox won it for fine tableware oldest and most respected in the world – favored by the president, the collection in the museum, set in a variety of Honor Award, and also made sure American households. Let’s take a look at the story behind Lenox, it comes from the conviction of a young man – to become outstanding manufacturer of manufacturing porcelain, crystal and metal ornaments.

  Walter Scott Lenox in 1859 was born in Trenton, New Jersey, known as “American Staffordshire.” Sitting here sound transport system and rich fuel and clay resources. In the 19th century, the state capital has become the nation’s leading porcelain production center. Undoubtedly, the young Walter encouraged, decided to join together to create a life of the world’s best porcelain.

  1875 Lenox began painting his talent and fascination for clay into decorative porcelain factory and design work. Six years later, he worked at Ott & Brewer and Willets company as a design director. Both companies regard the Irish porcelain Rick Lambert localization, it is an outer layer coated with a thin layer of cream-colored porcelain enamel and pearl color was popular in the Victorian era. Finally, the two companies have closed down, but it was the cause of the development of Lenox offers a whole new arena.

  The excellence of Lenox

  Lenox Ceramic Art was founded in 1889, it is with all other porcelain factory are different. It started like a studio. It makes shiny ivory porcelain becomes unique, rather than the product pipeline. These exquisite rendering and modeling of vases, jugs and tea was originally produced by only 18 employees, but it has been a strong reaction of customers, and then will be in the most upscale Lenox store exclusive. To 1897, some of the Lenox works are collections of the Smithsonian Institution as a collection.

  In the early 1900s, a new trend appears: the need for a separate fine dining restaurant utensils. Removal of the dominant European porcelain, Lenox began to offer customized and personalized service for those indoor hardcover discerning customers in 1902. Willian Morley by famous artists painted plate made great achievements, for which the company will Lenox more attention to improve the full range of tableware series, in 1906, when his company’s name to Lenox, From the other side also reflects the company’s ceramic art from Lenox to start a new transformation.

  In order to cater to the growing American interest in high-quality porcelain, the company in addition to retaining the original customized service, will produce some of the standard pattern tableware. The company launched in 1910, some may depict patterns, and hand-colored by strengthening, Lenox began to use colored flat decals. The beginning of the two patterns – Chinese officials and the Ming Dynasty porcelain has a distinctive pattern, since the 1917 launch of the popular 50 years. Decals not only ensure the consistency of the pattern, but also to create a brand of identifiability. This allows the subject to entertain guests can recognize the Lenox brand, which expressed appreciation for their unique taste would hostess, which virtually make the hostess feel infinite satisfaction.

  Lenox brand quickly became elegant tableware, the “best choice” and so synonymous with the family – including the White House. President Wilson and his wife in 1918 enabled 1,700 for official reception, making Lenox became the first President of the United States of porcelain for elegant dining table. The White House has also only been in use for 80 years of American porcelain, in four generations of the president: President Harry Truman (1951), Ronald Reagan (1981), President Clinton (2000) and President George W. Bush (2008) during his tenure also offers a variety of services.


  一如既往地制作出高等级和卓越品质的瓷器一直是我创办Lenox以来的愿望和梦想,如今我们会保持这种高品质并不断在原有的基础上追求更加卓越。 ——沃尔特.斯科特.莱诺克斯。






  在20世纪早期,一种新的潮流出现:在独立餐厅需要精致的用餐器皿。除去占统治地位的欧洲瓷器,Lenox在1902年便开始为那些眼光独到的客户提供个性定制和室内精装的服务。由有名的艺术家Willian Morley绘制的餐盘取得了很大的成就,为此Lenox公司将更多的注意力转向完善全套的餐具系列,在1906年的时候,将自己公司的名字改为Lenox公司,从另一个侧面也反应了Lenox从陶瓷艺术公司开始新的转型。



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